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Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

Special offer: Book the Party package for you and a friend and pay 2500SEK (3200SEK).

If you have any specific requests concerning your makeup or have an idea which there is no pricing on, please feel free to contact me.
This makeup is for those who feel like getting a little extra beautiful. You will get a nice sturdy base adapted for your purposes.

Day / Evening
900 SEK
Incl. Brow shaping and defining.
This is a service that is very different depending on what you want with your makeup. My best advice is that you send a picture to me of how you want to be made up. Then we match the hair along with the makeup.

SPFX Makeup
Approx. 1500 SEK
For those who want both makeup and hair done at the same time, I have created a discounted offer, which you can see below.

Makeup and Hair (book for two and pay 2500SEK)
Party package
1600 SEK
Incl. individual fake lashes.
Prom package
1600 SEK
Incl. individual fake lashes.
Makeup course for groups at the home of the hostess. I will do the makeup step by step. I will go through how you apply a good base and get the best result. I will guide you through everything from cleaning to putting on the eye shadow the right way.

Group, approx 3hrs.
400 SEK / person
(min 3, max 8 persons)

There are a lot of different brands of face paint to choose from. I only use water based face paint from Superstar. I also have glitter, sequins and more.

Small Kids Party
2200 SEK
(approx. 1-12 kids)
Big Kids Party
3200 SEK
(approx. 13-25 kids)

For those who prefer that little extra and just wants to relax and be well taken care of before your very special day. Consultation for hair and makeup is included.

Bridal Makeup and Hair
5600 SEK
Including individual fake lashes.

It’s very important for me that you are satisfied and feel comfortable on your wedding day! It is you who are getting married and it’s your, along with your fiancé, very special day. I will always do my very best and I give it my all to every task I take on.

We will book a home visit about a month before the wedding day. In doing so, it’s good if you send a photo of yourself to me and describe what colors, flowers and theme the wedding goes in so that we can get the best match for your needs. It would also be great if you could bring with you the hair jewelry, tiara or bridal veil to the consultation if you will be wearing any.

At the consultation we will sit down and make a schedule. It will include dress fitting, photography, additional makeups and so on. This schedule will be e-mailed to the both of us. We will talk about you personal style, how you usually do your makeup, the wedding theme, colors and how your dress and flowers will look like. This is a good way for me to get an overall picture and put me into the feel and style you want. When this is done we will try on the makeup and hair. We will also go through what is important to think of to get the best result.
The consultation will take about two to five hours depending on the package you select. During this time, I hope that we will get to know each other. The most important thing to me is that we have a good chemistry and that you feel satisfied with the final result.
I will contact you about a week before the wedding to ensure that everything is in order and that the schedule that we agreed upon earlier haven't changed. This is so everything goes as smoothly as possible for you.

From. 900 SEK
Facial treatment
350 SEK
Cleansing, exfoliation, massage the face and neck, facial mask and finally a protective and nourishing moisturizer.

Facial treatment Plus
550 SEK
This is the same as the Facial treatment but here you also get plucking, shaping, tinting of eyebrows and lashes.

Facial Treatment Complete
940 SEK
This is the same as the Facial treatment Plus including a make-up according to your preferences.

Girls Night, Treatment Package

You will get the best treatment with warm towels and nice neck massage and finishing off with beautiful makeup.
This is what’s included:
Facials / neck massage/ shaping, defining, dyeing of eyebrows and eyelashes / makeup.

840 SEK / person
(min 3, max 8 persons)
This is your opportunity to add a little sparkle to your children's party. Give children the opportunity to have a cool skeleton or even a shiny Disney Figure that sticks for the whole day.

Addition to Small Kids Party
1320 SEK
(1-12 kids)
Addition to Big Kids Party
2320 SEK
(13-25 kids)


A bridal makeup should look great in both daylight as indoors and on camera. It shall manage to stay put from the early hours to the late night, through out all of the days emotions. When we have the consultation I want you to be included in every step of the way, through base to eyes and lips. My goal is that you will feel extra beautiful and 100% satisfied.
Wedding Day

When the wedding day arrives we will follow the before hand set schedule. The makeup and hair will take about 3 hours. Now you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your special day.
This package is for you who want a simple makeup and hairstyle. The consultation will start by e-mail, where you include a picture of your self and requests of how you want your makeup to be. Thereafter we will continue by phone/e-mail to agree upon the final result.

Simple Bridal Makeup and Hair
3000 SEK
The following prices for makeup and hair is reserved for bookings of Bridal Package Premium or Bridal Package.

900 SEK
900 SEK
Makeup och hair
400 SEK
(Natural Base and Hair)
Flower Girls
450 SEK
(Hair for kids under the age of 12)

What happens if you get sick at a wedding?

I work by myself and have no employees. If I were to become seriously ill, I have many friends in the business. This makes it possible for me to get a replacement on short notice that I can vouch for.
Do you have hair extensions to lend?

All hair is different and I have no hair pieces of my own to offer. If you want to use hair extensions they need to have clips. This is so that I can ensure it will stays in place through out the whole day.
Travel expenses:

For traveling outside of Stockholm with car there will be a mileage expense.
Other forms of transportation, food and lodging are not included in the pricing.

Booking of the bridal package includes a 1000SEK deposit upon consultation.
Card, cash or invoice.

Cancellation must occur in no less than 48 hours before the booked time. Otherwise the full amount will be charged.
Upon booking you will receive an estimate.